IntersectingUs is a website that brings analytical minds together. We start with engaging content about math and life that challenges our thinking. Then we are creating an opportunity for viewers to become members by joining a close knit community. The goal for the community is to dig deeper in our content where we learn from each other. Our first step is creating a Math and More Movement.

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Hi I’m Dave.

I’ve enjoyed using math my entire life. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to use math in my career as an actuary. All this is different than engaging in the story of math. It is the story of math that has inspired me. So, I created this site to share some of what has inspired me. This is my opportunity to give back. There is no hidden agenda on this site. Just a safe place to play with math with a proper dose of encouragement, challenge and room to breathe. You may wonder what I mean by the story of math. Simply jump into Lazarus Math, give it a try, and enjoy the journey. I hope it will inspire you as well.

Hi, I’m Brian.

I have used math in a variety of ways my entire life. I’ve had the opportunity to use math in my first vocation as an actuary and then in a different way in an intentionally more spiritual career. My second career has allowed me to edge closer to what the story of math can inspire: something deeper in ourselves and beyond ourselves that shows real beauty and offers more meaning and purpose. So, I have partnered with Dave on this site he created to help people probe deeper questions about the world they are in and the life that they live; ideas that the story of math motivates. This is an opportunity to make real and lasting connections along the journey. My hope is that all involved will find deeper meaning and purpose within this safe environment as we look into the thoughts and questions that doing math will bring out. If you are wondering what we mean about the story of math, simply dive into Lazarus Math and start engaging. I look forward to joining you there.

About Brian and Dave

This is actually the second partnership between Brian and Dave. The first was starting the actuarial company SALT Solutions, which later became Coaching Actuaries. After a few years, Brian pursued his more intentional spiritual career. That means Brian was being the “salt of the earth” while Dave remained as the “salt of actuaries”. The two Saltees are now reunited and excited about another chapter together with hopes of adding flavor to the lives of others. They’re thankful their lives have been preserved this long on earth and looking to engage math enthusiasts by telling math stories and connecting math to the bigger things in life.