An Eternal Probe Trailer

Thinking about eternal things can be overwhelming because so much of what we see is finite. But like all good mysteries, we have been given clues as to how to understand eternity better. Many of the clues reside in our mind in two unique ways. First we see the eternal in the world of math. Second we see the eternal in the creation and reason.

We first invited the infinite into the world of math around 350 BC and we have been wrestling with it ever since. In a surprising way, some math concepts even make more sense when we take the infinite into account rather than limiting ourselves to finite numbers. Not only does the math sometimes work better in the infinite world, but there are beautiful patterns to enjoy that are embedded into the fabric of the world we see.

That leads to the second way to think of eternity is by observing creation and ask questions. We find new clues about the infinite when we think about how we are made, how creation has been revealed, and how life as we know it flows.

Join with us on our 7 part video series. The goal for our journey is to ask questions that will probe your thinking into what may be possible.

The Eternity Series

  1. 00
    An Eternal Probe Trailer
  2. 01
    A Fresh Pattern To Start Your Day
  3. 02
    A Never Ending Future?
  4. 03
    A Beautiful Exponential Curve
  5. 04
    Creation - Eternal past?
  6. 05
    Creator of the Universe
  7. 06
    The Math Behind Nature's Beautiful Music
  8. 07
    Reimagine How to do Math
  9. 08
    Are We Created to be Eternal?
  10. 09
    A Creative Perspective on the Complex Plane
  11. 10
    An eternal place?
  12. 11
    Math's most beautiful equation
  13. 12
    Eternally relating
  14. 13
    Imagining Beautiful Math
  15. 14
    Eternal Abiliites